Le Bon Truc (French music from France)


LE BON TRUC (Gary Chapin, Barb Truex, Steve Gruverman) plays traditional – mostly dance – music from many regions in France. We also add some original pieces that fit the style and some pieces from other composers. Accordion, clarinets, whistles, and various stringed instruments are in our bag of tricks along with the occasional bit of percussion and a bombard. Check out the dates below!


Sept. 15 – Pownal, ME
Portersfield Cider – Open Winery Day

We had a fabulous sunny day at Portersfield on the 15th! There was a steady flow of people coming to sample the cider and enjoy a sunny day on the farm.



October 20, 2018

7:30 pm

A house concert at Jay York’s Last Church on the Left

We are very excited to get back to Jay’s for a house concert in October! Details will be coming up very soon. Lots of new tunes are in store!

One thought on “Le Bon Truc (French music from France)
  1. Hi, Barbara! Wish we were able to be out there for this event! One of my best memories is of taking a wagonload of apples to our local cider mill with my dad and our old tractor. Hope you have a nice day for music making and cider tasting.

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