Le Bon Truc “Venn Diagram” concert a success on October 20, 2018


L to R: Steve Gruverman, Barb Truex, Stephen Carpenter, Nancy Hoffman


With Gary Chapin’s unfortunate work conflict for our October 20 concert at Jay’s Last Church on the Left in Portland, Steve Gruverman and I rounded up Nancey 3. Hoffman and Stephen Carpenter to fill his place and had a wonderful night of music. Nancy and Steve play in the Casco Bay Tummlers, Stephen and I play with the Dark Follies, Nancy and I play with the Maine Squeeze, and Steve, Stephen and I played with a group called Spoonmaker’s Diamond in the past. And so it is a Venn Diagram. Thanks to Chris White for that label!

Nancy dug out some of her French repertoire, we added some Balkan and Middle Eastern tunes and  kept several of our regular Le Bon Truc songs on the program. With a dose of added adrenaline fun was had by all. Steve’s wife Marie Wendt got a little dancing going and we even had some belly dancing.

Jay York is such a marvelous host and he has a loyal audience that will come to hear anything he books. They are great to play for! There is nothing better than a house concert. If you have a room that can comfortably hold 20 or 30 people you should try it sometime! Call me!

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