Final Plans for SIDESTEP Reunion underway

vincent_pasternak_copy_1_edited copyIMG_7163Ken_Lovelett_v01

November 30 is quickly approaching and we are getting excited with the planning of our reunion concert in Portland, Maine. Vincent Pasternak, Ken Lovelett and I have made the set list, invited some friends to join us, have someone to record the event, and things are falling into place.

Ken, who never stops building new drums and sound makers, will be bringing some intriguing items for this show. You can find a bunch of his videos on YouTube by searching for American Percussion.

Vin and I have been working on arrangements and have gotten together with one of our guests, Steve Gruverman. Steve will be bringing in his bass clarinet and the regular clarinet along with a penny whistle. Gary Chapin will be joining us for a tune or two with his button accordion. There might even be another surprise guest if it works out.

Here is a link to the Dimensions in Jazz fall event page:

As Vin always says: “Tension mounts as showtime approaches”. But it’s a fun tension! We are psyched!


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