And several months later…


Front yard wildflowers

You might say I’ve been rather delinquent in keeping up with this blog thing. Blogging is hard when one is really busy, and also when one is not. When busy, there is little time in between rehearsals, gigs, projects and the day job to write and post events. When idle, why would anyone want to know why you’re not busy? It’s a dilemma.

The last six months has indeed been very busy. We begin with a household plumbing flood, pulling up floors, bringing in big drying machines that run continuously for four days just before Christmas, installing new flooring (still some of that left to do) and plumbing,  and so on. The kinds of things you never really plan on but that have a way of pushing themselves upon you and demanding to be front and center.

While that was going on there was an outdoor gig with the Dark Follies in 15 degree weather (an interesting challenge), events with Le Bon Truc and the Maine Squeeze and efforts to get two other musical projects off the ground. The reunion of Sidestep for a concert in Portland last November led to a recording which is in process, and the Dark Follies are slowly working on a recording of music from the Parlor Show. Idle? I think not!

My old friend and colleague Shamou is in Maine for the summer and there will be a reunion gig for the Loopin’ Trio (Shamou, me, and Annegret Baier) in September. The Dark Follies, Le Bon Truc and the Maine Squeeze all have various gigs and private events coming throughout the summer and fall.

I’ve also been working on getting a new music room and shekere work bench set up in the basement – sometimes with painfully slow progress, but progress nonetheless.

OK then, that’s where it’s at. Specifics will be coming up, really, I hope.

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