LE BON TRUC will ring in the holiday season with a long set at Blue in Portland, ME on November 27 from 7:30-9. Gary Chapin (accordions), Steve Gruverman (clarinets, bombard), and Barb Truex (dulcimer, tenor guitar, banjo uke) specialize in music from many areas of France, much of it from the folk dance traditions.  A few other fun pieces always get thrown in too. This is officially an “Irish Night” at Blue but the broader category is “Celtic” which covers much of France (and Spain) beyond the familiar Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England. Le Bon Truc’s repertoire encompasses tunes from Brittany, Alsace, Auvergne and more. There is always an Irish session at Blue after the featured concert. Come join us and get your winter season rolling!




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