One Year Later

Spring pots awaiting warmer weather and new plants

Yes indeed, it is one year later (plus a month). I never quite felt compelled to write or post anything while musical things were shoved to the side, falling apart, put on hold or moved to a digital format (my worst nightmare). Politics ramped up in a most hideous fashion and my day job hours increased (that at least was a good thing) leaving the instruments mostly packed in their cases hoping not to be forgotten. The callouses on my fingertips receded to an alarming degree and there were times where I honestly wondered if my performance days were over. Being of a certain age, one tends to think about what one can still do before our time here is up and I was sometimes taken aback at the thoughts in my head about continuing with music. Fortunately, I have gotten over that notion and things are beginning to come back: three gigs in June to start! So it seems time to get back in the groove and communicate with the world again.

As might be expected during this lingering time of Covid, some projects that were active in the before times have ceased altogether or simply hibernated. The Dark Follies was winding down anyway just before the end of 2019 and has since disbanded. Another group was just starting to get together when the lockdown occurred and there was no point in pushing it, and an improvising trio that had rehearsed some but never had a performance decided it would not transfer well to a digital world. But there are two groups that will re-emerge: The Maine Squeeze and Le Bon Truc. And I will have an exciting adventure playing the tenor banjo in June with the Bangor Symphony on the overture for The Threepenny Opera. More details on all of these things will follow in the month to come.

I am looking forward to getting those pots filled with plants and the air filled with music.

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