Le Bon Truc (The Good Stuff) is Gary Chapin (diatonic accordion), Steve Gruverman (clarinet) and Barbara Truex, (dulcimer, banjo uke, tenor guitar and percussion). Between them they have decades of experience playing world and folk music, with a particular passion for the music of rural France and Brittany. After playing together in the French dance band, Nouveau Chapeau, they realized that as a trio of accordion, reeds, and dulcimer, they had something unique and special to offer. Between their sound, their energy, and their repertoire, they guarantee to make any room happy.



The Maine Squeeze is an accordion ensemble playing eclectic ethnic music from around the world. The repertoire includes music from the Americas, Eastern and Western Europe and the Mediterranean as well as original tunes. From traditional folk music to jazz standards and favorites from many cultures, The Maine Squeeze is happy in a concert situation or roaming the fair grounds.

Nancy 3. Hoffman, Janine Blatt, Peter Blackstone, Alina Blakesley, and Sally Trice: accordions. Barbara Truex: percussion. Find out more information at:



Dark Follies is an award winning vaudeville style variety show based in Portland, Maine. Family friendly while still keeping an edge, Dark Follies features the live music of the Dark Follies Rhythm Orchestra, dancing, juggling, side show acts, fire performers and more. Joie Grandbois, Director; Stephen Carpenter, Musical Director

2020 note: The Dark Follies are currently taking a break and re-evaluating. If you have any questions please email Barb.



Sidestep formed as a multi-faceted collective for creative musicians in the early seventies. The core trio of musician/composers, Lovelett, Pasternak, and Truex, would spend months writing and rehearsing new material with various collaborators before presenting “One Time Only” concerts. Dedicated followers appreciated Sidestep‘s unique performances, which included original compositions, spoken word pieces, structured improvisations, familiar songs, and more. Dispersed around the Northeast by the nineties, the core trio has nevertheless maintained close ties, frequently working with one another on different projects under various names.

Barbara Truex: Electric & acoustic mountain dulcimers, tenor guitar, ukuleles (incl. baritone & banjo ukulele), guitar, percussion, vocals.
Ken Lovelett: drums, percussion, sound sculptures.
Vincent Pasternak: violin, viola, nylon-string guitar, mandolin, percussion, vocals.