A performing musician since the 1960’s, Barbara has been active in a wide range of musical genres and contexts. She is recognized as an innovator for her use of the dulcimer in jazz, pop, free improvisational music and other settings beyond the familiar folk and traditional realms. She has extensive experience working with dance and theater ensembles, both as a composer and on stage musical accompanist. As a recording artist Barbara has been involved with many projects for other artists as well as her own solo and group releases. Theatrical sound design, community radio and audio drama projects are other specialties.

From jazz to traditional French folk music, Balkan, Middle Eastern, African and Latin music she travels the world through the performing groups she is associated with. Her current list of instruments includes mountain dulcimer (electric and acoustic), baritone and banjo ukuleles, tenor guitar and assorted hand percussion.

She has taught private lessons, workshops, and residencies for guitar, dulcimer, music theory and improvisation for over 40 years. Barbara has developed and led music programs for preschool centers, after school theater programs, taught adults through Parks and Recreations Departments and worked with children and adults with various learning disabilities. She also gives workshops and lectures on sound design for college and high school theater students.

For many years Barbara was a theater administrator, project coordinator for arts organizations and was the founder/director of the Northeast Dulcimer Symposium. She currently focuses on performing and teaching.

Residing in southern Maine since the late 80’s, her current performing groups include Le Bon Truc, The Maine Squeeze Accordion Ensemble, and Sidestep.

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Photo credit: Tom Bloom (above) https://www.tombloom.com/about.html, Brigid Chapin (below)