Loopin’ Trio Reunion!


One never knows what the universe will dish out and I never expected the opportunity would arise to revive the trio version of the world music band Loopin’. Led by percussionist Shamou, the original big group included Annegret Baier (percussion, violin), Andy Chipman (bass), Gary Wittner (electric guitars), and me (electric and acoustic dulcimers, ukuleles) and was active in the mid 2000’s. During the life of the big band there was also the trio version for smaller gigs that was made up of Shamou, Annegret and me.

Shamou decided to go back to Berklee College of Music and finish his music degree in the late 2000’s. The group disbanded, then came back together for one more big date in New Hampshire in 2014. Shamou spent a few years traveling all over for residencies in schools and work with dance companies (his specialty). Three years ago he took a position at the University of North Carolina as the Director of Music for the dance department and said goodbye (mostly) to Maine.

But as fate would have it, he is taking this summer off along with the next semester and the trio is currently rehearsing for a show on September 7. What a treat! The old notebooks and recordings have come out to jog our memories and we are deep into rehearsals, letting it all flow over us again. There is rumor of a second date in October as well. I’ll keep you posted! In the meantime, check out the Henryfest produced by 317 Community Music Center in Yarmouth, ME:   https://www.317main.org/concerts-events/henryfest/

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